lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Uribarri, 2015 presidential Precandidato

The governor of Entre Rios reaffirmed its intention to become the presidential candidate for the ruling party in the upcoming elections, but said that in his last two years in office Cristina Kirchner "will do a lot." He also said that the country is "good" but that teachers in his province "may not achieve large increases"

The governor of Entre Rios and close to the Casa Rosada man, Sergio Urribarri, confirmed his intention to be hopeful by Kirchner to the general elections of 2015, joining a list of candidates that includes several governors (Daniel Scioli, Juan Manuel Urtubey) , a senator (Aníbal Fernández) and even a minister (Florencio Randazzo).

"Yes, I will be a candidate.'ll Participate in the STEP 2015. Them have also told the mayors that the priority of these two years is the management and told them that Cristina Kirchner has two years left in which it will to do much. But beyond that, I will run for president when circumstances so indicate, "said Urribarri in dialogue with Página/12.

The Peronist leader said you want be in the running for "many reasons" and ennumeró: "First, because I am convinced that the substance of this draft Néstor and Cristina, this national, popular and democratic project has more, much more tour. Besides, I feel in my soul this defiant target dependency seemed disruptive written epic. Undoubtedly, this project is the best option for the country and look forward to be an option to continu

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