domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

Megan Fox is in'' Ninja Turtles''

In the pictures you can see Leonardo and Donatello, teachers with sword and bo staff respectively. In the second picture Michael Bay (Armageddon and Pearl Harbor) is behind two of its models in the film set.

Thanks to the developer materials we can see that the design of the ninja warriors will be more serious than it has ever seen. Their muscular bodies, stern looks and armor that seem drawn from feudal Japan, they provide a more formal attempt at an adaptation that attract both younger audiences and adult look.

Another character is shown Shredder, the antagonist of the reptiles on two legs. The villain of the film will be wearing a suit that looks half and half necrófero Silver Samurai (The Chronicles of Riddick).

The cast of the action film will consist of Megan Fox (Transformers and Jennifer's Body), William Fichtner (GTA Vice City, Prison Break and Batman: The Dark Knight), Whoopi Goldberg (In & Out and Sister Act 2) Alan Ritchson (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The butcher), Noel Fisher (Red and After Sex), Jeremy Howard (Jacob and The Grinch), Will Arnett (Arrested Development, The Millers and Jonah Hex), Danny Woodburn ( Life Snow White and Blood), Minae Noji (Siblings and furious Perras) and K. Todd Freeman (The Bucket Man and lost) among others.

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