domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

Had much ortho and earned $ 19 million in June Quini

The lucky numbers hit 39, 03, 06, 00, 41 and 8 of the Second mode, played his ballot in Buenos Aires agency lalocalidad Tiger. Always Out In two winners each won $ 777,202

The owner of the winning ticket and won 19,107,293 pesos to have hit six balls of the Second Quini mode. Winning numbers close 2126 were: 39, 03, 06, 00, 41 and 8.

Meanwhile, in the play of Forever Sale, two winners each received 777,202 pesos, and they matched the numbers 02, 09, 17, 25, 34 and 43.

Lottery Santa Fe reported that for the next move of Quini Six on Wednesday February 26, will feature an estimated 20,500,000 pesos well.

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