viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

The record for Mourinho to Chelsea in the Premier League

Mou takes 72 matches without losing to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday and plays at Newcastle, who lost once in the last four years there. Will take undefeated?

Almost two years ago, the April 2, 2011, Miguel de las Cuevas he became a goal to Real Madrid meant victory 1-0 Sporting Gijon at the Bernabeu. Leaving aside what signfica for fall Merengue home, this defeat was even greater significance: cut with José Mourinho's record of nine years and two months! unbeaten at home. But that impressive mark, which romipió in Spain, still in force in England.

Mou takes 72 games unbeaten at Stamford Bridge heading to Chelsea in the Premier League. Yes, since I arrived in London on June 2, 2004, never lost a game at home, having won 56 and drawn 16 times. Which means that, as a local, scored 180 points out of 210 possible, ie 85% effective. Unbeatable.

At Inter, where he never lost a match in Milan's Serie A, his record was 31 wins and 9 draws, getting 102 units of the 120 at stake, which gives the same average as in England, and in Madrid wearing only 14 when the Sporting broke the mark. While, for international competitions, only lost to Panathinaikos, with the Italians, Barcelona, with the Blues, and Real Madrid, Porto, Champions League by all.

This Saturday, Newcastle, who lost one of the four games against Chelsea últiomos away (in 2012), will try to take this fabulous ser

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