domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

Artist expelled for his work was crap

The fair Arco has begun in Madrid with a noisy controversy: the expulsion of Russian artist Fyodor Gureguin. The reason has been one of his works, entitled "Contemporary Art," consisting of a shit in a glass jar. The Fyodor himself explains the meaning of his work: "See, it's complicated to understand, right? Basically wanted to convey that contemporary art seems to me sucks. Actually I think a shit, but add a whore, well shit, inside the jar, it was a bit complicated and probably illegal. "

The problem with the book "Contemporary Art" is not the message or just the material used. According to organizers of Arc, the problem is that the work is understood too well. Its meaning is very clear. "A work of contemporary art can not be explained in one sentence," says the collector Brianda Salazar. "The explanation of its meaning must take care over two pages with labyrinthine unintelligible phrases and subordinate concepts invented by the artist himself."

Arco organizers have defended stating that tried to reason with the artist. We proposed to add to "Contemporary Art" stuffed dog heads, broken condoms, pink swastikas and pictures of the author of a little small to confuse the meaning of his work. But Fyodor flatly refused. "I will not let my work become a shit," he said proudly.

But Russian artist did not give up. Prepare a new exhibition called "This could make a child", which wants to display replicas of all the works exhibited in Arco, but made by a child. It also works on an installation called "A contemporary art my cock I eat", in which Fyodor sitting naked in a chair while another artist, dressed as Andy Warhol, he practiced fellatio. Expects thanks to their new jobs will support the following year in Arco. "They are more complex than my previous project works. They have a deeper meaning that can not be summarized in one sentence, "he said Fyodor.

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