domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

Megan Fox is in'' Ninja Turtles''

In the pictures you can see Leonardo and Donatello, teachers with sword and bo staff respectively. In the second picture Michael Bay (Armageddon and Pearl Harbor) is behind two of its models in the film set.

Thanks to the developer materials we can see that the design of the ninja warriors will be more serious than it has ever seen. Their muscular bodies, stern looks and armor that seem drawn from feudal Japan, they provide a more formal attempt at an adaptation that attract both younger audiences and adult look.

Another character is shown Shredder, the antagonist of the reptiles on two legs. The villain of the film will be wearing a suit that looks half and half necrófero Silver Samurai (The Chronicles of Riddick).

The cast of the action film will consist of Megan Fox (Transformers and Jennifer's Body), William Fichtner (GTA Vice City, Prison Break and Batman: The Dark Knight), Whoopi Goldberg (In & Out and Sister Act 2) Alan Ritchson (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The butcher), Noel Fisher (Red and After Sex), Jeremy Howard (Jacob and The Grinch), Will Arnett (Arrested Development, The Millers and Jonah Hex), Danny Woodburn ( Life Snow White and Blood), Minae Noji (Siblings and furious Perras) and K. Todd Freeman (The Bucket Man and lost) among others.

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Artist expelled for his work was crap

The fair Arco has begun in Madrid with a noisy controversy: the expulsion of Russian artist Fyodor Gureguin. The reason has been one of his works, entitled "Contemporary Art," consisting of a shit in a glass jar. The Fyodor himself explains the meaning of his work: "See, it's complicated to understand, right? Basically wanted to convey that contemporary art seems to me sucks. Actually I think a shit, but add a whore, well shit, inside the jar, it was a bit complicated and probably illegal. "

The problem with the book "Contemporary Art" is not the message or just the material used. According to organizers of Arc, the problem is that the work is understood too well. Its meaning is very clear. "A work of contemporary art can not be explained in one sentence," says the collector Brianda Salazar. "The explanation of its meaning must take care over two pages with labyrinthine unintelligible phrases and subordinate concepts invented by the artist himself."

Arco organizers have defended stating that tried to reason with the artist. We proposed to add to "Contemporary Art" stuffed dog heads, broken condoms, pink swastikas and pictures of the author of a little small to confuse the meaning of his work. But Fyodor flatly refused. "I will not let my work become a shit," he said proudly.

But Russian artist did not give up. Prepare a new exhibition called "This could make a child", which wants to display replicas of all the works exhibited in Arco, but made by a child. It also works on an installation called "A contemporary art my cock I eat", in which Fyodor sitting naked in a chair while another artist, dressed as Andy Warhol, he practiced fellatio. Expects thanks to their new jobs will support the following year in Arco. "They are more complex than my previous project works. They have a deeper meaning that can not be summarized in one sentence, "he said Fyodor.

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Had much ortho and earned $ 19 million in June Quini

The lucky numbers hit 39, 03, 06, 00, 41 and 8 of the Second mode, played his ballot in Buenos Aires agency lalocalidad Tiger. Always Out In two winners each won $ 777,202

The owner of the winning ticket and won 19,107,293 pesos to have hit six balls of the Second Quini mode. Winning numbers close 2126 were: 39, 03, 06, 00, 41 and 8.

Meanwhile, in the play of Forever Sale, two winners each received 777,202 pesos, and they matched the numbers 02, 09, 17, 25, 34 and 43.

Lottery Santa Fe reported that for the next move of Quini Six on Wednesday February 26, will feature an estimated 20,500,000 pesos well.

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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Manchester Orchestra: "Are Rural Dirt"

La Mancha de Rolando insulted the local field in celebration: "Son rural dirt"

Invited by the Intendant Lorena Bussi Kirchner's friend Amado Boudou band described the ruralistas as a "gringos of m ..."

The comings and goings between the government and the field at harvest liquidation of accumulated and added a new chapter absurd Thursday, when the singer of the rock group chabón La Mancha de Rolando, a personal friend of Vice President Amado Boudou, threw insults directed at producers during the inaugural recital of the National Day of Wheat, in the Cordoba town of Leones.

From the stage, and an audience of 3000 people, called the Quiet Manuel ruralistas "gringos of m ... who are sitting on silas soy" and said, echoing the government's position, do not have to store grains in bag silos, but "sell".

As if this were not enough, Nieto, whose band became a favorite to enliven celebrations in towns governed by Kirchner befriend leaders from the vice president, who has even played with them several times, spoke of the "rural dirt" in obvious reference to the Rural Society.

In addition to launching-government slogans and insults to the field, the author of "Burn the City" took time to thank those responsible for that were playing there that night officials. Still highlighted the efforts of the mayor Lorraine Bussi, Deputy Fabian Francioni and of course Boudou, all ultrakirchneristas.

In the past, Freeze Boudou defined as "a great friend, a great person and a great professional," and said it was "the best economy minister and vice president" who had the Argentina.

"I never took and analyzed in terms of benefit or detriment that kind of relationship we have with Amado Boudou. Nobody told me anything negative. Know that for many years is going to be, is a leader who will get many things done," prophesied the musician in an interview in 2012.

Despite declaring that shuns useful to consider what has been your approach with the government in recent years, thanks to this relationship, Freeze was presented with his band as the National Day celebrations of Dulce de Leche (canes), the National Apple Festival (General Roca) and the National Rice Festival (San Salvador) and many others.

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Uribarri, 2015 presidential Precandidato

The governor of Entre Rios reaffirmed its intention to become the presidential candidate for the ruling party in the upcoming elections, but said that in his last two years in office Cristina Kirchner "will do a lot." He also said that the country is "good" but that teachers in his province "may not achieve large increases"

The governor of Entre Rios and close to the Casa Rosada man, Sergio Urribarri, confirmed his intention to be hopeful by Kirchner to the general elections of 2015, joining a list of candidates that includes several governors (Daniel Scioli, Juan Manuel Urtubey) , a senator (Aníbal Fernández) and even a minister (Florencio Randazzo).

"Yes, I will be a candidate.'ll Participate in the STEP 2015. Them have also told the mayors that the priority of these two years is the management and told them that Cristina Kirchner has two years left in which it will to do much. But beyond that, I will run for president when circumstances so indicate, "said Urribarri in dialogue with Página/12.

The Peronist leader said you want be in the running for "many reasons" and ennumeró: "First, because I am convinced that the substance of this draft Néstor and Cristina, this national, popular and democratic project has more, much more tour. Besides, I feel in my soul this defiant target dependency seemed disruptive written epic. Undoubtedly, this project is the best option for the country and look forward to be an option to continu

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YPF on Wall Street climbed 25% in two weeks.

YPF's action on Wall Street climbed 25% in less than two weeks, in line with the dollar prices of major government bonds in the country. The ADR's state oil closed Friday to $ 27.22 on the NYSE s and continue their recovery, the prospects for new debt issuance in the short term would be enhanced.

Are still far from u $ s 34.17 Scoring December 23, a week to get u $ s 500 million a rate of 9%, lower than that paid by the Argentine State in international markets. This backing of investors, which meant a record since its nationalization, is also explained in the imminent agreement with Repsol that closed several legal fronts around the world.

But the delicate situation of the country exchange finished absorbing the impact of negotiations with the Iberian firm, its shares plummeting 36% to $ 21.85 s. Market fears pointed to the drop in dollar revenues and higher prices for imported inputs but above all, the assumption that the state could adopt a more interventionist attitude in the oil. The lack of developments in the talks with Repsol, also they added nervously.

Ghosts seem to have dissipated. Not only does the dollar will remain near $ 8 until at least May, but Miguel Galuccio has shown willingness to transfer the impact of the devaluation on the prices of fuels YPF.

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viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

As always without public Amalfitani, Velez equated with T

The whole "Turu" Flores debuted in Final Tournament before the "Matador". The "Fort" must meet three dates a sanction imposed by the Safety Committee

With an uninhabited part where the flags, chants and the crowd could not be part of the show received the sanction of the Security Committee, Tigre Velez received the José Amalfitani.

With the same eleven that won the Super Cup against Argentina Arsenal, those of "Turu" Flores went looking for the first cry of the evening from the beginning, while visiting scheme preferred a more cautious, opting for the backlash.

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The record for Mourinho to Chelsea in the Premier League

Mou takes 72 matches without losing to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday and plays at Newcastle, who lost once in the last four years there. Will take undefeated?

Almost two years ago, the April 2, 2011, Miguel de las Cuevas he became a goal to Real Madrid meant victory 1-0 Sporting Gijon at the Bernabeu. Leaving aside what signfica for fall Merengue home, this defeat was even greater significance: cut with José Mourinho's record of nine years and two months! unbeaten at home. But that impressive mark, which romipió in Spain, still in force in England.

Mou takes 72 games unbeaten at Stamford Bridge heading to Chelsea in the Premier League. Yes, since I arrived in London on June 2, 2004, never lost a game at home, having won 56 and drawn 16 times. Which means that, as a local, scored 180 points out of 210 possible, ie 85% effective. Unbeatable.

At Inter, where he never lost a match in Milan's Serie A, his record was 31 wins and 9 draws, getting 102 units of the 120 at stake, which gives the same average as in England, and in Madrid wearing only 14 when the Sporting broke the mark. While, for international competitions, only lost to Panathinaikos, with the Italians, Barcelona, with the Blues, and Real Madrid, Porto, Champions League by all.

This Saturday, Newcastle, who lost one of the four games against Chelsea últiomos away (in 2012), will try to take this fabulous ser

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City of Costa crowded with rats

A kilo and a half of fat needed Mario San Martín, exterminator with 25 years in the business, to kill the largest rat invasion that saw Canelones Coast this summer. "The normal thing is to die with a few grams," he told The Observer. The plague that terrorized an elderly Spa Villa Argentina made him realize the worker that this is not an ordinary crop.

The breeding season of these rodents occurs between October and November. The summer heat forces them to abandon burrows and, therefore, is "normal" to increase the work of pest control companies. But the feature of this summer, is that most of the calls come from homes located between kilometers 22 and 26, Ciudad de la Costa, among Lagomar and Solymar.

"On average we attend 15 calls per day from that area, before we had two in the department," said San Martin, head of the company Fumiplaga Las Toscas. Five other calls come from other parts of the coast. A Baits costs between $ 2,500 and $ 3,500.

Fumigators area surveyed by The Observer agreed that another factor that cooperated in rodents come to the surface: the removal of land made by the works of sanitation, storm drainage and roads that were made last year and are now detained.

To this was added a week without garbage collection (a feast for rodents) and high rainfall this summer. "By removing the land, the rats feel attacked and seek new habitat," said Martin.

Horacio Rivera, Integral House, adding that the combo of rain and open windows leads to seek shelter indoors while high temperatures accelerate playback. His company received on January 40 called by rodents in the coast. Two lights that attract rats boundaries are vacant lots and abandoned houses. Also preferred ceilings (as in the house of Villa Argentina), woodpiles, junk engines and refrigerators.

However, Leonardo Herou, director of Environmental Management Comuna Canaria, said it has not increased the number of applications for control of pests and vectors, but The Observer noted with businesses and residents themselves that they choose to directly call private because municipal care is delayed, or does not end with the plague.

Invisible Enemy

Contact with companies occurs after hearing noises in the night, or after a sighting, in particular the young farmers told The Observer, are not as secretive attitude of adult specimens. "The rat is an invisible and very dangerous enemy. People live with it and do not know, "said the technician Fumiplaga.

Rats can transmit leptospirosis, a disease like hepatitis but with a higher risk, in addition to various skin infections. The prevalence of leptospirosis in the country is undervalued because it can be confused with flu symptoms.

Another element is the availability of food. An overworked, or trash around, or even dog food outdoors, container attracts rats. "The first thing you have to provide a control Baits not leave food or water available to the rats. [With containers] do what not to do, "said an exterminator who declined to give his name.

The most common species seen in Ciudad de la Costa are the black rat and the brown rat. The first lives in the mountains, the second preferred enter homes as the home of the old Villa Argentina. "Kilos and kilos of tallow ate" San Martín illustrated.

The sebum produces a satiety effect in rats. Just the third day start to die the first copies, including the leader of the community. The rest stops eating and dies for fear of hunger and thirst. When this happened, the old woman called back to Fumiplaga because "maggots began falling from the ceiling."

The rat population is not quantifiable. Internationally, it is estimated that five to seven rats per person. If it moves, for example, to Montevideo, the number of rats is more than twice the population of the whole country.

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domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Estados unidos no ayudara mas a bolivia

Recientemente el presidente boliviano Evo Morales evitó conversar con el confiado de Negocios de la Embajada de Estados Unidos, Larry Memmott, en un brindis protocolar al grupo diplomático en el estado. Minutos luego, el oficial yanqui anunció que su estado no tiene esbozado llevar a cabo tributos económicos a Bolivia en 2014. "Nuestro asidero económico [a Bolivia] siempre se ha facilitado a través de Usaid, y a solicitud del Gobierno boliviano Usaid inmediatamente no opera en el estado, así que el asidero económico ahora no es un argumento entre ambos países", expresó el diplomático. Con la salida de Usaid, ricos widgets de florecimiento económico fueron cancelados y los más importantes fueron reduciendo su supuesto incluso su total finalización. "No necesitamos mendicidad", enfatizó por su parte Morales, tras sostener que su Gobierno no se someterá a "chantajes" y que se exigirá más acertadamente al país del boreal que cumpla con sus relaciones. Al mismo momento, exigió a Estados Unidos que colabore en la lucha contra el narcotráfico, no como una suerte de contribución, sino como parte de aceptación. "Si hablamos de la lucha contra el narcotráfico, ellos, por acuerdos internacionales, tienen la correspondencia, interiormente de la admisión compartida, [tienen que] legar en la lucha contra el narcotráfico, eso no es ninguna ayuda", dijo el administrador andino. El analista político Mario Espinoza comenta a Rt que la medida tomada por Washington no perjudicará significativamente a la riqueza boliviana. "Antes se dependía mucho de la atención norteamericana que llegaba en circunstancia de cooperacha o en guisa de lucha contra el narcotráfico, empero inmediatamente un monto que se ha brindado en los últimos años como 40 millones de dólares no va a deteriorar de ningún modo a la economía", opina. La exposición entre Bolivia y Ee.uu. se deterioró en 2008, cuando Evo Morales expulsó de Bolivia al nuncio yanqui Philip Goldberg acusándolo de injerencia. Dos meses posteriormente suspendió la tarea de la Dea (su administración antidroga) y en mayo del año pasado expulsó a Usaid y a la Nas (la División de Asuntos Antinarcóticos de la Embajada de Ee.uu.)

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